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Black Connect
by August 17, 2021
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Boston Dynamics' latest robot is a 5-foot humanoid robot with moves like Simone Biles. Robot dogs are already used to help the police patrol in Hawaii. Will these humanoids one day replace police and be used to hunt down humans? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Parkour is the perfect sandbox for the Atlas team at Boston Dynamics to experiment with new behaviors. In this video our humanoid robots demonstrate their whole-body athletics, maintaining its balance through a variety of rapidly changing, high-energy activities. Through jumps, balance beams, and vaults, we demonstrate how we push Atlas to its limits to discover the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence.  
Black Connect
by July 30, 2021
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Watch 4 Innovative entrepreneurs present their businesses from the home of Black Wall Street: Leon Fowler, Founder of Emfluencer Unity James, Founder of You Got The Juice Courtney Hill, Founder of Level Up Facial Bar Billie Parker, Founder of Black Wall Street Market   The winner will compete in the FeverPitch 2021 Finals on October 6th!  Tune it on Blackconnect.org or YouTube.