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“We live forever through what we give”

The most comprehensive Black-owned business and social network

Find partners, jobs, investors, and business opportunities that encourage business growth

Get answers and advice from peers, professionals, and experts in areas such as finance and accounting, sales and marketing, manufacturing and production, human resources and management, technology, insurance, international commerce, and more.

Sell your products & service on our free e-commerce platform and freelancer platform. Promote your music & podcasts. Create groups, events, blogs, and pages around specific interests or passions. Personalize your Black Connect experience to create brand awareness and connect with peers and consumers around the world.

Voice unpopular opinions and speak freely and intelligently on thought-provoking issues that directly impact your life without getting suspended, harassed, or banned from the network..

(Un)Popular Opinions

--The most comprehensive Black-owned business and social network--

  • Black Connect and Powernomics are both built upon the belief that economic independence, based on racial solidarity, is the foundation of the struggle for civil rights and that without economic independence tied to the acquisition of political power, Black people in America will continue to be the subjects of the whims of other people. "Race is a team sport. You either play as a team or you lose by default.” Having an organized presence within our communities is paramount to economic progress.

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