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Black Connect
by on July 27, 2019

Luxury brands are associated with a high price and superior quality.  Brands like Gucci, Porshe, and Rolex come to mind when someone mentions luxury brands. Because of their high price tags, consumers often align with luxury brands as a pronouncement of their financial success or social strata.  A brand is termed luxury when it is desirable more than necessary.  Luxury brands offer exclusivity, superior craftsmanship, sophistication, and innovation with careful attention paid to details in design and quality.

Historically in America, luxury brands have been associated with the white, upper-class society.  Many of the luxury brands consumed by Americans are manufactured by French and Italian companies such as Fendi, Hennessy, Moet and Chandon, and Louis Vuitton. Home-grown luxury brands include names such as Williams Sonoma, Apple, Cadillac, and Tom Ford. None of these brands are Black-owned, but as Santa said to the talking M & Ms - “they do exist!”

Brands owned by Black people without celebrity status are typically not recognized or widely promoted as luxury brands in mainstream America.  This is due to several factors, the most obvious being racism in America.  There’s also America’s general disinterest in Black society and culture outside of sports and entertainment and the psychological need some of us have to assimilate into White America.

Maybe you haven’t heard these brands mentioned in a hip-hop song or featured on a red carpet or in the latest music videos, but they are 100% dope!  For those of us who are bad, bougie and woke, here are some brands that you should rock with:

Black-Owned Luxury Brands

Figgers Communications

Figgers is the only Black-owned cellular service provider and cell phone manufacturer in the United States. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Figgers take pride in using the most durable and state of the art materials to create stylish and long-lasting products built for everyday adventures. Their latest cell phone, the F3, stands a class apart with features like:

  • Dual-SIM unlocked 5G LTE
  • Multi-user profile that allows you to configure the same phone as business and personal phone.
  • Pre-build Guest profile that enables you to share your phone without worrying about any personal information leaks.
  • Face recognition, Advanced password, and fingerprint scanner
  • Gorilla® glass to resist hard falls
  • Figgers® Nano-coating technology for water resistance.
  • Dual 18 Megapixel Camera with 8-megapixel optical zoom
  • Unlimited storage for photos
  • AI-based performance and app monitoring system to optimize battery usage
  • Proprietary Health Apps
  • Figger F-Buds (wireless headphones)

The F3 retails for $499.00.  Monthly cell phone service plans range from $15 to $165 with no contracts!

Hideoki Bespoke

Hideoki Bespoke is a men’s fashion luxury brand. This brand believes that the “true measure of a man is how he attends to his details – how he folds his pocket square, the glittering of cufflinks, etc.”

The brand is famous for its high-end menswear and accessories. It’s a luxury brand that ensures that every dollar spent on their product worth it. Every garment you purchase from Hideoki Bespoke is exquisitely customized for you alone.  Their passion is to create an exquisitely customized clothing that the client alone can wear. This goes far beyond providing an expertly tailored fit, to creating a garment designed around the personality of each Hideoki Bespoke owner.

Whether a sport coat and trousers with a shirt, a suit and tie, or jeans paired with a shirt, the correct fit and rich heritage of each garment show on each client’s physique, as well as in their distinguished stride and confident look.

A customized Hideoki Bespoke garment conjures up many images and feelings—a privileged upbringing, the richness of life, and the camaraderie of the right friends. The experience of creating that garment pampers in a similar fashion.

Experience Hideoki Bespoke at their private studio located in the heart of Atlanta’s famed Buckhead. You will be invited to relax, enjoy a glass of fine wine or premium spirits, and become an integral part of the Hideoki Bespoke innovative process.

Hideoki Bespoke clients are individuals at the top of their game who are comfortable with their own success.

The Ivy Hotel

The Ivy Hotel is the only Black-owned luxury hotel in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Set in historic, Mount Vernon, the hotel was established by husband and wife entrepreneurs and HBCU grads (Howard University) – Eddie and Sylvia Brown.

The next time you find yourself in the B-More area and want to pamper yourself, be sure to patronize The Ivy. It offers world-class hospitality that begins the moment you arrive with a warm welcome and a glass of champagne.

The hotel has 18 magnificent guest rooms and suites. Each room is fitted with luxurious linens, a fireplace, and a lavish bathroom.  It also has beautiful public spaces, a luxury spa, and a fine-dining bistro - Magdalena.  With five different dining areas, Magdalena offers informal dining with a cross-cultural menu prepared with local ingredients.

The Ivy is a member of the Relais & Châteaux directory of fine hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

Everything offered by The Ivy, except dinner and spa treatments, is included in your room rate.


Mifland is a leather goods company that is based within a studio warehouse building in Atlanta, Georgia.  Founder Tobi Egberongbe is an HBCU graduate (Clark Atlanta University). The collections are defined by Miflands signature architectural-inspired bold design and attention to detail, with an emphasis on durability and unique use of colors and heavyweight leather. The Mifland collections cover men’s and women’s small and large accessories.

Tally & Twine

Tally& Twine is a high-end wristwatch brand created to disrupt the stagnant, uninspiring watch marketplace. Talley & Twine was founded on two principles: legacy and lifestyle. These luxury timepieces and accessories are manufactured with the highest quality and detail.  With collections for men and women, the clean and classic designs are appreciated by tastemakers, trendsetters, and trailblazers.


Cushnie is a luxury women fashion and accessories brand. Carly Cushnie is the brain behind the brand.

The brand is outstanding because of the diversity and inclusion Carly Cushnie adds to her business. The label, established in 2008, was founded on the desire to serve the modern woman and achieve a perfect fit for every female.

The Cushnie Collection is worn by influential women including Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Gal Gadot, Lupita Nyong’o, Ava Duvernay, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, and Padma Lakshmi, among many others.  Cushie is distributed through over 100 premiere stockists worldwide. T

Cushnie was a winner of the Ecco Domani Award (2009), a finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund (2011) and a nominee for the CFDA Swarovski Award (2012).


Ashya is a trending luxury fashion brand best known for its luxurious leather belt bags that come in different colors and tones. Brooklyn-based accessories brand ASHYA, Born from a love of travel, reclaims the belt bag in quirky, cool, unisex styles. Cut from the supplest leather, these bags are bound to withstand wear-and-tear of far-flung travel and fleeting trends.

Established in 2017 by co-founders Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece, ASHYA (pronounced “agh-shya”)  is a New York-based design label featuring unisex travel accessories.

Ashya is a recent award recipient for the 2018-2019 Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. (CFDA) and Accessories Council Elaine Gold Launch Pad Fellowship.

Shop Ashya for your next trip!

Salone Monet

Salone Monet believes that every woman should know the effortless style of a thoughtfully designed nude shoe that highlights her complexion. Nude heels are as essential to a woman’s wardrobe like a black dress or great pair of jeans.  Salone Monet shoes offer a unique combination of fashion, utility, and accessible luxury.

Each pair of Salone Monet heels is meticulously constructed of the highest quality materials by expert Italian cobblers. Their heels come in different heights and six skin flattering satin hues.  Salone Monet has mastered melanin-matching for women of color looking for the perfect nude shoe.

Salamander Resort and Spa

Salamander Resort and Spa is a luxury hotel founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheila C. Johnson.  Salamander Hotels & Resorts consists of a growing portfolio of luxury properties in Virginia, Florida South Carolina, and Jamaica.

The equestrian-inspired Salamander Resort & Spa is located in the Washington D.C. area of Middleburg, Virginia.  Salamander has been recognized as one of the country’s finest luxury properties, and the collection features two of the top golf resorts in Florida: Hammock Beach in St. Augustine and Innisbrook in Tampa Bay as well as the Henderson Beach Resort in Destin, Florida, the Hotel Bennett in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Half Moon in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Salamander Resort & Spa is the first Forbes Five-Star destination resort in the Washington, D.C. region.  Nestled on 340-acres in the heart of D.C.'s Horse and Wine Country, the property sits in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Salamander Resort & Spa has 168 rooms and suites, an equestrian area, fishing pond, and a treetop zip tour in addition to a host of other exceptional amenities.

Regardless of which beautiful resort you visit, Salamander Resort and Spa is a home away from home.

Destiny Moscato

Destiny Moscato is a light and fresh sparkling Moscato wine. The palate is clean and crisp with bright citrus flavors and a lively effervescence. The wines have the perfect blend of sweet & citrus flavors reminiscent of fine champagne.  The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.


Final Words

African-American consumers represent the largest consumers of color group in the marketplace in the United States, but the dollar leaves the Black community within a matter of hours. When we give away our money, we give away our power.  We are generating billions of dollars, economic power, and political influence for the owners of companies and brands who rub shoulders with and grease the palms of the people in power who work against the interests of Black Americans.  Our spending supports their families, and their benefits, but does little to nothing to build Black wealth and economic power.  Don’t get it twisted. This is America.  So be bad & bougie, but stay woke.

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