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by on June 17, 2019

Launching a startup is a daunting undertaking. Even if you have the best product or idea, it is challenging to bring your idea to the market, gain traction and attract the attention of investors.

The two most common challenges entrepreneurs face when launching or growing a startup are limited capital and exposure in the market. Participating in pitch competitions is one way to overcome these challenges.


What Is A Pitch Competition?

A pitch competition is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their startup ideas or business plans to potential investors and partners, gain exposure amongst their target demographic, receive constructive criticism, and expand their network. Prizes range from cash to in-kind donations to mentorship.


Prepare To Win

As a participant in a pitch competition, you will have a narrow window of time - typically between two and five minutes - to creatively present your business idea, the problem it will solve, your target market, how you plan to deliver and why they should select you as the winner.

If you want to perform well in a pitch competition, you must evoke excitement in your product or service, and gain the confidence and trust of the judges in you and your business idea, as well as your ability to scale the business.

Research, planning and adequate preparation are essential to presenting in a pitch competition. Just Write Legal publishes a business planning guide that can help you prepare for any pitch competition by organizing your ideas and developing a business plan.


Get Started!

It’s not too late to make your pitch competition debut in 2019. Here are three upcoming pitch competitions scheduled across the United States. Check each website for dates, deadlines, and qualifications.

Black Girl Ventures

The Black Girl Ventures Pitch competition is a collaboration between funders, community, and entrepreneurs. The contest is tailored towards funding black/brown women entrepreneurs and will be held in various cities including Washington DC, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, New York.


Washington DC Women Business Center

The Washington DC Women business center is currently organizing a Reverse Pitch Competition. This competition is for women entrepreneurs who are economically and socially disadvantaged. Participants of this pitch will pitch their idea in front of a live audience of investors, bankers, and other professionals.



FeverPitch is open to new or established businesses, and the entire competition is held online at BlackConnect.com. FeverPItch judges include entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and all members of Black Connect. A separate prize is awarded for best pitch video. FeverPitch also has a guide that helps participants prepare for the competition.



If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who needs money to start or expand your business or new connections, publicity, or advice, pitch competitions should be at the top of your (never-ending) to-do list.


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