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Gino Cyrus
by March 16, 2020
For the first time in history, 25 of the biggest social media influencers and comedians in the United States collaborate to make a film about the new internet sensation. Peter Parkkerr Films presents “The Social Media Movie” starring Naphil Hitson and Thomas Ames. Directed and created by Peter Parkkerr. The Cast Fatboy SSE Dream Doll MarlonWebb Supa Cent Naphil Hitson AKA "IM Tyrone" Majah Hype Daniel Jean Big Brody Darius DK Cashflow Harlem FunniestNPhilly Tizz 215 Meechie Hoe Relle Bey NellySoFunny Boone Packin Swayze KyTheFunky Mari The Plug Welven Da Great CorrKendricks Black Deniro RicanBull Drizz Beauty Jay Ortiz The Real Mia Rose