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Black Connect
Created by: Black Connect
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Juandolyn Stokes of On Point with Juandolyn Stokes and Attorney Ralph Fernandez, Managing Partner of Fernandez & Alvarez law firm discuss the horrific details of the Tamla Horsford Murder. Courtesy of and On Point.

A Black mother of five died at an all-white party in Georgia. Authorities have called it an accidental death. Many suspect foul play.

Located about 40 miles northeast of Atlanta, Forsyth County is a primarily white suburban region in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The only incorporated city in the county is Cumming, which attracts families to its large lots, annual country fair, and quaint downtown. But Forsyth County has a deeply rooted history of animosity towards black people, and was home to a “racial cleansing” in 1912. When a black man was blamed for the rape of a white women — and another was blamed for the rape and beating of a different white woman, who died from her injuries — white mobs descended on local Black homes and businesses. In the end, the town’s 1,098 Black residents — approximately 10% of the population at the time — were driven out. For decades, the county remained entirely white, and as recently as 1990, there were only 14 Black residents in the entire county.

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