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Massage Therapy Entrepreneur Alliance
1 member Business
WELCOME TO THE WORLD...Where You Are The Only Person Who Will Pay You What You BELEIVE You Are Worth!  This group was created to support massage entrepreneurs in identifying the resources that are available to them and learning how to creatively apply them to a current or new business model. When you correctly deploy our atypical, unconventional, and unique marketing tactics you will distinguish yourself as a leader in an emerging market. We offer virtual workshops on effective SALES strategies specifically for massage entrepreneurs who would like to increase their income. Please reach out to us if you would like to dominate your marketplace. We always say, "Kumbayah is OVER time to get paid."
Robert White
Tampa Bay Chapter of Black Connect
12 members Business
This group is only for members of the Central Florida chapter of Black Connect that will be chartered in Tampa in June 2020.  For more information on chartering a local or university chapter of Black Connect in your area visit Blackconnect.org.
Black Connect
Alvin AJ Jones II
Angela Majette