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1 member Education
Ladies and Gentlemen,  How Many Black Inventors Can you Name? Most of us can probably name a Rapper, Actor or Athlete before we could name a single Modern Black Inventor.  Together we can show exactly why these Black Lives Matter to the World Join me and lets get The Black Inventors Exhibit on the Road!  www.blackinventorsbus.com  
Lionel Durant
2 members Education
Welcome to The Transcendentale Ascendancie Wisdom And Currency Defense Page. I spelled Transcendental and Ascendancy just a little bit differently to add a unique flavor like what Sam Cooke did with his surname. I'm not a professional financial advisor, but I am a educator on the subject of Yahawah's Wisdom which educates us the true science of economics and group economics. The name itself: Transcendantale Ascendancie Wisdom and Currency Defense is contingent upon what The Great Malak {King} Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 7:12: Ecclesiastes 7:12-King James Version 12 For WISDOM IS A DEFENCE, and MONEY {CURRENCY} IS A DEFENCE: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it. We have to cast our focus on magnifying out percentages of The Wisdom of Yahawah as the NUCLEUS of our shadows and defense. In the hebrew version of this scripture, the word is actually SHADOW because a shadow is a shade and a shade is a conserver and a protector. Like going under the shades of the tree to keep yaself from bringing up in the blazing hot sun. MONEY according to The GREAT King Solomon is OUR SECOND DEFENSE, OUR SECOND SHADOW because it's a necessity. Money can escort you into traveling in other countries over seas and according to Ecclesiasticus 34, traveling CONTRIBUTES TO WISDOM! Money can help sustain your standard of living and ya living criteria and that's why it says this in Ecclesiastes 10:19: "19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things."
Mashaahlah Ahlahnawa
Angela Majette
12 Tribes Mental & Cognitive Regenerative Advance Healing
1 member Education
Welcome to The Twelve Tribes Mental And Cognitive Regenerative Advance Healing! If anybody know me real well or well enough KNOWS FA SHO that I don't bring no average materials so this won't be your standard, tedious group where people are startled to talk about what's really bothering them and sometimes or a lot of times it isn't what we always think. This group will NOT TOLERATE CAMP BANGING, doctrine banging, old testament vs the new testament banging. There are plenty of platforms that permits and allows that to surface. It's sickening that too many Israelites ignores this very issue because the curses of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 heavily CONTRIBUTE TO OUR COGNITIVE AND MENTAL DESPAIR IN SUCH A LEVEL PAST DANGER IN A SCALE! Let's put aside the nonsense and let's engage in elevating our cognition ya heard meh? This is how we bruthas more specifically become ALPHA AND MORE ALPHA! Cognitive Concordance = A True Alpha Lord and for the sistas restraint, submission and adherence to The Oracles of The Most High will proceed your progressive cognition. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN! SHALAWAM!
Mashaahlah Ahlahnawa