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Marshawn Dickson
by on June 5, 2020

Right now, America is seeing its most dramatic shift in its social climate within modern American History. For the first time, people of all races are stepping up on the frontlines of nationwide protests in order to protest police brutality against African Americans. Also for the first time, people of other races and especially white people, are witnessing first hand the sinister nature of police brutality, as since protests began police have been documented using extreme force against peaceful protesters time and time again. This, in conjunction with the imposition of curfews, is nothing short of a police state. This is martial law, clean cut. However, a few have pointed out that our anger and disdain in the current moment needs to be taken out in harsh maneuver at the voting table. The presidential election is the first step, but voting for the Mayor of your city who ordains your city's police force is the second. Voting for your state's governor who dictates your state's police force budget is the third. Voting for your state's Senator/member of the House of Representatives that determines your state's political party is the fourth. We, as citizens of the United States, need to start consciously and collectively using our power as voters to put into office officials that we know, trust, and have full faith in to do right by us during their time in office. The era of citizen seperation from office needs to end, and we need to become comfortable with being actively involved in the election process of our officials. We need to know who's running and what they stand for. They need to know what our demands and concerns are before stepping into office, and they need to express their willingness to abide by them. No more "blind politics" of just hearing who's been elected, and simply hoping that they do a good job. Mayor Bill De Blasio was just yesterday booed while speaking on stage for his and his police force's mishandling of the peaceful protests. The crowd turned their back on him, and called for him to resign. THIS is the type of energy we need to actively take towards our elected officials from here on out. Praise for a job well done, but a scolding for mismanagement. I encourage all who read this to google the 2020 mayoral elections, as their is a complete list on www.usmayors.org. Please find out if your city is having an election this year. Also, please google the 2020 gubernatorial (governor) elections, as they will be taking place on Novermber 3rd in 11 states: Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virgina. The time for change is now my fellow Americans, but it will take more than protesting alone to create the true changes that we all want to see. I'll see you at the voting tables.

Topics: politics, government