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Marshawn Dickson
by on April 23, 2020

Everyone knows by now that Bernie Sanders has officially suspended his presidential campaign. However, as a Bernie supporter, I’m not ready hang my support up just yet, and maybe you aren’t either.  So, here’s a few thoughts and important pieces of information that provide a glimmer of hope for those of us who were rooting for Bernie. 


Everyone should also know that Senator Sanders is still on the ballots in all 50 states. He will cease to hold rallies and debates against Joe Biden, however his ballots will remain available. This was done in order to allow the Senator to continue to receive national delegates, which will give him power to influence the democratic party's policies and platform at the Democratic National Convention. This means that although technically Senator Sanders will not be the democratic party's nominee, your vote towards him still counts in how his policy preferences will shape the democratic party's policies for years to come. So it’s very important that we continue to vote and voice our support of those of Bernie’s policies that can positively impact African-Americans. Medicare-For-All, erasing student loan debt, proper wealth taxation and the elimination of poverty are policies that will help every African American in the United States.


I personally will share my vote with Senator Sanders, as I do believe in his policies and I believe that even if they are not enacted in their entirety, they should at least be brought to the table to push the coming democratic party's policies in the right direction. 


While many of us are amped to get our votes in for the coming election, I also know a decent percentage of people who are choosing not to vote, as they feel that their vote "doesn't matter" or "won't change anything.” Even if you are not that person, you more than likely know someone who is that person.  The shut down of the economy due to the novel corona virus has unfortunately demonstrated that ineffective leadership by our president and other political leaders is literally a matter of life and death.  And hopefully, those of us who believe our vote doesn’t matter are having second thoughts.  Let’s reach out to them and revisit the conversation, and help our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers register to vote.


This is possibly the most crucial election in modern American history, and every single vote matters at this point, truly regardless of personal belief. Four more years of Trumpian xenophobia, pseudo-racism, general social & political confusion, corporation/billionaire tax cuts, and a lack of integrity and respectable leadership will undoubtedly lead to a continuation of police brutality, a rise in the growing concept of white supremacy, an increase in the racial wealth gap in this country, and the loss of health insurance and increased debt due to increased healthcare costs and cuts to Obamacare. 


American politics has truly become a dystopian endeavor. I think I speak for many of us when I say, enough is enough!


For more information on the policies of Bernie Sanders, visit: https://berniesanders.com/

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Topics: politics, government
Angela Majette
This is a very unsettling time, particularly for people of color. I believe the masses share your concerns and frustrations regardless of political affiliation (or non-affiliation). #enoughisenough
April 23, 2020