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Olivia Harden
by on September 9, 2019

I stumbled upon the internship opportunity with Black Connect while I was surfing different internship websites to find something to fill up my summer. I hoped that I would not only valuable to the company — in fact, I was looking for an opportunity that would be of equal value to me. 

I am a recent graduate of Chapman University, receiving my B.A. in English and journalism. I have taken on many challenging roles throughout college. What I loved about interning at Black Connect, is that I was able to strengthen another skill. Even though this was an internship, it most definitely required leadership skills. The work was not always easy, but it was rewarding.

Black Connect Inc. is an organization dedicated to the elimination of the racial wealth gap in America. When Black people buy and sell within our communities, we work together to increase the capital, wealth, and overall well being of our people. That vision is something I can get behind. As we continue to grow, more and more Black people across the globe will be able to support each other socially, professionally, and financially. BlackConnect.com is excellent if you’re looking to make connections, form partnerships, and grow your network.

My favorite part about my internship has been the work culture. The Black Connect team is small, so there was always direct access to my boss for any questions or input. I wasn’t just an intern. I was respected as a part of a team. There’s no getting coffee. It’s real work where you can develop practical skills.