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by January 23, 2020
If you're a business owner or entrepreneur, you have likely been inundated by offers from graphic designers to design your logo, revamp your website, create flyers, business cards, posters, and every other piece of marketing material conceivable. It may come as a surprise to know that despite the seeming proliferation of Black graphic designers, the field of professional graphic design is approximately 86% white.  Racial diversity has been an issue in the graphic design community for over 20 ...
by January 23, 2020
Design has the power to capture and influence our opinion of every product, service, event, and experience.  And despite the gross underrepresentation of African-Americans in the design industry, these entrepreneurs are running successful businesses while working to bring more diversity to their profession. They stand on the shoulders of pioneering Black designers like Emory Douglas, who centered art around civil and equal rights, and Archie Boston, who challenged racism through his designs a...
by December 31, 2019
Launching a successful company requires more than just hard work. More than having a great product or service.  More than building the right team.  More than having adequate funding.  All of these variables are important, but having all of these pieces in place still doesn’t guarantee success.  In the world of entrepreneurship, success depends on the timing of a million different things coming into alignment.  Start-ups shut down for many reasons.  There are plenty of stories of hardworking f...
by December 10, 2019
Black McDonald’s franchisees are at a systematic disadvantage.Larry Tripplett, the head of McDonald's black franchisee group, the National Black McDonald's Owners Association (NBMOA), said in an internal letter earlier this year that "the trajectory of the treatment of African American Owners is moving backwards.”   Black franchisees make hundreds of thousands of dollars less a year, on average, than their white counterparts.  Surviving as a franchisee has become increasingly difficult for...
by December 9, 2019
Socialism is en vogue and trending with Black millennials.  Many relate to millennial Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Corte, who proudly calls herself a “democratic socialist.”   Capitalism is often considered the most effective economic system because it is linked with economic progress. For those in America who were allowed to freely participate in the economy,  capitalism has delivered many of those people out of poverty, improving their standard of living and multiplying their wealth wit...
by December 5, 2019
Today, George Zimmerman, who was tried and acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin filed a lawsuit in a Florida court seeking over $100 million dollars alleging defamation, abuse of civil process and conspiracy.   Zimmerman is suing Martin’s family, the Martin family attorney, Ben Crump, HarperCollins, the publisher of a new book written by Crump, prosecutors and others involved in the case claiming that the evidence presented in his 2012 homicide trial for the fatal shooting of Martin ...
by November 4, 2019
By Courtney Thornton The hardships of Black people in the United States are well documented throughout American history. From being enslaved, oppressed and denied civil and economic rights, to experiencing the election and re-election of America’s first Black president, Black people have remained resilient and vocal about injustice and inequality in America.  However, we, as a community, do not view the observance of Black Solidarity with the reverence it deserves.  Other cultures and comm...
by September 3, 2019
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In last week's blog, we asked: "Are We Past Integrity?" We posed this question, in part, because of Jay-Z's announcement of a partnership with the NFL and the ensuing backlash.  Previously, Jay-Z declined to perform at the Super Bowl and encouraged other entertainers to do the same after the NFL's mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick.  Kaepernick protested police brutality against African-Americans by kneeling on the football field during the national anthem. ...
by August 26, 2019
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  Last week we shared 5  Tips to Grow Your Network and Build Your Team as an Entrepreneur.  The central theme woven throughout that article was integrity - "your character becomes your business reputation."  Integrity has been at the heart of recent events that have been the subject of national discussion and debate. Jay'Z's recent announcement of a partnership with the NFL and statement that "we're past kneeling" appeared to many to be an about-face from his widely publicized allegiance t...
by August 19, 2019
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Last week we discussed the 7 personalities you need on your team to grow your business.  Now you're amped and ready to start putting your dream team together.  However, if you're asking yourself:  Where do I start?  How do I find these different personalities and persuade them to join my team?  Start here. Networking is one of the currencies of the 21st century. If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to grow your network. Your network is as essential as your business itself...