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Angela Majette

Female Born on October 12 Angela Majette is a Co-Founder with Marshawn Dickson. Ask them about their business!
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by October 21, 2019
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Purposeful people act in ways that are personally meaningful and socially beneficial.  It gives a unique feeling of accomplishment when you contribute to a cause that aims to transform lives. And there’s no better way of achieving this than volunteering for a nonprofit organization. As little as an hour of your time devoted to volunteerism could have a positive effect on your community, career, and sense of purpose. Volunteering for a nonprofit organization goes beyond a single donation to su...
by September 22, 2019
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It is undeniable that social media plays an important role in impacting our culture, our economy and our overall view of the world.  Social media has had a huge impact on today's society - both positively and negatively, and African-Americans are digital leaders, with 91% accessing the Internet on a mobile device.   Despite their confirmed status as digital leaders, African-Americans exist as a subculture on large social media platforms.  Black Twitter refers to Black people who use the so...
by March 19, 2019
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By:  Angela Majette Owner of Just Write Legal www.justwritelegal.com ...